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  • Thermocouple Elco K 2*1/0.6 TF+TF JIS Thermocouple Elco K 2*1/0.6 TF+TF JIS

K 2*1/0.6 TF+TF JIS

SKU: 1043-0003


Thermocouple Extension Wires, Type K
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Thermocouple Extension Wires, Type K, 2x1/0.6 mm., Teflon+Teflon Insulation


Model K 2*1/0.6 TF+TF JIS
SKU 1043-0003
Termocouple Type Type K
Probe Type Cable
Housing Material Teflon+Teflon
Use With Thermocouple Sensor, Temperature Controller, Temperature Indicator
Diameter 2x1/0.6 mm.
Operating Temperature 0°C to +350°C
Wire Length 100 m.
Wire Material Conductive Material
Certificate JIS
Size No
แบรนด์ ELCO
Termocouple Type Type K
Housing Material Teflon+Teflon
Operating Temperature 0°C to +350°C
การรับประกัน None
Size AWG N/A
Overall Outer Jacket N/A
Insulation Over Insulated Wire N/A
Wire Type N/A
Nominal Overall Size N/A
Weight N/A